Jerry Damson Acura
Jerry Damson Acura

Acura Tires

Tires can sometimes be the most expensive part of owning a vehicle. So why trust anyone else with your vehicles tires? Our Acura factory trained technicians know what to look for to make sure you get the longest life out of your tires. We also perform a complimentary alignment, and state of the art laser guided tire scan at every service visit. What all this means to you is we will be able to catch any problems or irregular wear patterns long before it affects your tire life.

In the event you do need new tires you can rest easy in knowing that we stock a full line of OEM specification tires. We believe in selling our tires at a highly discounted rate so that we can truly be a one stop shop for all of our customer’s service needs. All of our tire installations include mounting, balancing, and nitrogen tire inflation. We also offer an optional tire protection package available to protect your new tire purchases.

Even with all of these great benefits we understand many consumers like to research tire purchases before deciding on a place to do business.

Do you need new tires?

A great way to check your tires is what we call the Lincoln method. Place a penny, head first, into the grooves of your tires. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires need to be replaced. Other signs of worn out tires can be unevenly worn tread on inner and outer edges, dry rotted sidewalls, and tires that have been patched multiple times.

How do I know what size tire my vehicle needs:

Your vehicles correct tire size can be found in the owner’s manual, in the driver’s door jamb on a white sticker, and on the sidewall of the tire. We recommend using the owner’s manual, or driver’s door jamb to find the correct size.

After you have done your research we hope we can be your one stop shop for your tires and other service needs. As always please feel free to call our tire experts with any questions or needs you have. Also check our service specials for monthly discounts or tire rebates.

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